Top tools for increasing trade appraisals and getting more quality sales leads

Are you familiar with Occam’s Razor?

In philosophy, Occam’s Razor is the theory that the simplest solution to a problem is the preferred solution. In modern vernacular, think, “fewer hoops to jump through.”

"the simplest solution to a problem is the preferred solution - Occam's Razor

The concept is that every problem can be solved in a variety of ways, but the most efficient means to an end will provide the biggest benefit.

Simpler is always better

Whether it’s building a house, fixing a lawnmower or getting more leads through your BDC, any task can be made easier when you utilize the proper tools. But not all tools and solutions are created equal. Complex and time consuming duties that burden the staff aren’t the answer.

Work smarter, not harder, to get more trade appraisals

Trade appraisals are some of the highest converting leads for any dealership. Someone allowing you to give them a value of their current vehicle will always be at the top of the index for likelihood to buy. Identifying this as a targeted effort is the first step. Executing an action plan to get more trade appraisals is the second step.

Having staff comb the database to email and call hundreds of past customers who may not even be interested in trading may seem like a good place to start, but you’re now running into the real obstacle of predicting intent, managing employee activity for contact and follow up, and then, maybe getting the customer to engage with the appraisal process. Hardly a model of efficiency.

Using advanced automation and innovative touchpoints for customers, you’ll generate inbound leads of high intent, and activate automatic follow up tools to generate more lead details and set appointments without one ounce of human effort.

Get social with the message

Time spent with social media is surging. In fact, most average users spend 2.5 hours per DAY on social platforms. You can deploy engaging creative ads to allow browsers to get instant appraisals in just seconds. Your BDC will get all pertinent lead information to act on immediately.

Top hangouts for leads

Your service customers already trust you with maintaining their vehicle. They’ll also trust that your instant appraisals will be fast and accurate when you put hang tags into their cars that offer QR codes for instant appraisals!
You can even engage them while they’re waiting for the service to be completed in your service lounge.  What’s best is that your sales team will get instant alerts and can walk right back to greet them and take the process to the next level.

Button up for success

If you look at your Google Analytics, you’ll see that SRP and VDP pages are where conversions happen. Adding a simple way to provide an instant trade appraisal without requiring any invasive personal financial info will generate far more leads than asking a ton of questions. The days of people looking for instant cash offers are long gone. What they want is a range of value they can expect, not an official offer at this stage of the shopping process. Activating the TradeJazz CTA buttons increases leads by working more towards the top of the funnel.

Passive can be massive

Your regular customer emails are a great way to offer instant trade appraisals. Link the TradeJazz tool to all of your sales and service emails. Your customers may just be curious to know what their car is worth, even though they had no intentions of trading it. This passive outreach often generates many leads from those with positive equity and great credit.

Inbound beats outbound

Outbound calls, emails and texts take a lot of effort, can tank morale, and are generally ineffective. Inbound leads are always higher quality, higher intent and convert into appointments and sales. As Occam’s Razor would suggest, the simplest solution is always the preferred solution. In the case of building workable leads for your BDC, this is as easy as utilizing advanced technology and innovative touchpoints provided by TradeJazz. The process is as simple as activating an account, deploying the tools, and working the leads that come in.

With TradeJazz, simpler is better. Take your risk free demo to see all of the innovative ways you can work smarter, not harder to generate more leads and sell more vehicles.

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