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Upzy the Mascot


UPZY is our mascot and inspiration to help all of our customers improve their reputation. Formerly from Toronto Canada, UPZY now lives in the USA with pet piranha, Fred. He still watches lots of hockey, drinks Tim Horton's coffee, and has what we like to call, a 'different', sense of humor. He just loves staying up late, and scanning the internet for bad reviews...especially those comments from fellow trolls. With a face only his mother could love, we know that UPZY needs his beauty sleep, so it's our mission to help businesses improve their reviews with a little help from Things Up. With fewer bad reviews out there, UPZY won't have as much content to keep him awake past his bedtime.

UPZY Can Help You!

UPZY will motivate and inspire your team to engage customers, clients, patients, fans or anyone who can give a fair and honest view about your business.