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Dealer Jazz Digital Automotive Marketing Platform

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Key Benefits

Smarter Ad Content

Automated Content Engine (ACE) normalizes data in your inventory feed to create more relevant ads that perform better and cost up to 30% less.  Negative Keyword Engine ensures you’re not wasting money on careless clicks.

Better Lead Generation

Tools like Trade Jazz install on your website VDPs, social feed, and in-store to grab high intent, top quality leads in the market.  Verified customer data ensures your BDC can act instead of chasing bad leads.

Ultimate Dashboard Experience

Manage and promote your dealership in a snap with our intelligent dashboard. Quickly and securely allow your team to engage, manage and market your vehicles and services. Lite and intuitive to save time. Driver dashboard gives full control of campaign messaging, extensions, special offers, task management, lead management and reporting.

Touch Points

Improve your digital marketing quickly by using customized DealerJazz touch points. Widgets, hang tags and so much more.

Meet DealerJazz

Learn why every dealer needs a an automotive marketing strategy and a tool like DealerJazz to help manage it.

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