Tips For Selling Cars

Selling a car can be hard work!

Consider the effort it takes to …

If you’re in auto retail management you’re quite familiar with all of these challenges only too well.  And you could certainly use a little help with all of them.  But hiring more staff is next to impossible, incredibly expensive, and there’s no guarantee it will have any positive impact.

Need a Magic Wand?

If you could wave a magic wand, you’d probably ask for a steady stream of clean, one owner vehicles with meticulous service records to build your pre-owned inventory.  You’d also love to have automated tools to provide owners of in-demand vehicles with a vehicle value range to generate more interest in trade-ins.  And you’d definitely ask for a steady stream of people texting your BDC to schedule appointments for appraisals.

And while magic wands are hard to come by, there is a way to add all of those wishes to your sales and inventory management strategy immediately.

TradeJazz is the magical tool that performs all of these tasks without the need to hire, train or manage.

The Call is from INSIDE the Building!

Your service customers are your best prospects for sales. They already trust your dealership to maintain their vehicles. TradeJazz automatically engages with your service customers with several touch points that generate curiosity during service visits. QR codes, and Short text numbers allow them to initiate the trade process while they’re sitting in your waiting room. Display messages on your service TVs, use wall signs, hang tags, or table toppers to engage. TradeJazz uses established value services like KBB or Black Book to generate a trade range for any vehicle in seconds. Your customer gets the appraisal by text message and all of their lead details are sent to your BDC for follow up.

Cast a Wide Net

In addition to your own service customers, you can easily attract curiosity from others using automated social media posts, display ads, CTA buttons and widgets on the vehicle detail pages on your own website to generate even more quality leads. And unlike Instant Cash Offer tools that require a lengthy and frustrating amount of info for the user to enter, TradeJazz only requires a phone number and a license plate to provide a range of value based on condition.

Cheap Insurance

While it’s nice to have a process for your BDC to follow up with all leads, it’s quite common for leads to be ignored or forgotten altogether. TradeJazz automatically follows up just in case your team forgets. It takes a variety of motivations for someone to be ready to buy a new vehicle, and sometimes leads go cold. By using an automated solution that never takes a day off, you’ll bring people from the top of the funnel to the bottom with far less effort than ever before.

Better Lead Data, More Sales

Marketing can be costly, especially for low intent, general branding ads. It’s imperative to bring down cost per lead by using intelligent ad tech to generate high intent leads with accurate details. Since trade value requests are generated by a user providing a phone number to receive a text, the BDC gets a low-funnel lead with an accurate name, mobile number and vehicle plate or VIN. No more John Doe at 555-555-5555. This enables your team to send immediate follow ups to set appointments. The accuracy of the data also allows AI to follow up to reengage any cold leads with more precision.

What’s Lower than Low?

While it’s nice to pick up the low hanging fruit when managing sales, some of the fruit is already on the ground and ripe. Your service customers have already given you their trust, and that’s half the battle. If you provide them with a simple automated tech solution to get their trade value instantly, they’ll use it, and you’ll get more high quality leads than ever. In addition, attractive programmatic digital ads and social media posts further engage users to get their vehicle trade in values. Your BDC will be swimming in high intent leads.

Your used car department will get the opportunity to obtain premium local used vehicles with impeccable service records while lowering vehicle acquisition costs.

Fewer bidding wars at the auction means more gross profits per vehicle.

Your new car department will be able to convert more service customers into repeat sales customers. Win, win, win. Find out why TradeJazz is the highest converting lead gen tech solution available for your dealership.

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