Views Up Private Feedback

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Views Up Private Feedback

Feedback Tools

Views Up drives powerful insight

QR Codes

Set up branded custom codes in minutes


Powerful white-labeled website widgets


Text & email invites reach customers fast


Promoter, 5-Star and other rating types

Key Benefits

Custom Categories

Easily set up custom categories for all areas of your business. Generic feedback gets generic results. Dive deeper to get more useful info.

Direct Notifications

When feedback arrives for a certain department, key personnel get instant alerts to take action and respond fast.

Actionable Intel Improves Customer Experience

Dashboard notifications provide quick insight to all areas of your business. Respond to direct feedback and view anonymous comments. Instantly uncover areas of concern and unlock new growth opportunity. This feedback pipeline will power your marketing decisions and improve outcomes.

Touch Points

Get more comments than ever by giving your customers and guests a simple and fast way to interact. No apps to install, no websites to type in- directly invite response through text messages, emails and with custom QR codes that can be placed throughout your business.

Touch Points Matter!

Activate company touch points for immediate impact