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Grow Employee Reviews

Included with Enterprise Plans

Employee reviews

HR Friendly

Set and forget Human Resource tools

QR Codes

Set up branded custom codes in minutes


Powerful white-labeled website widgets

Direct Links

Provide links for feedback on key job sites


Text & email invites reach employees fast

Key Benefits

Build Trust
& Improve Recruiting

Easily acquire more reviews from current employees to build trust and consideration from future employees.  

Add More Authentic

Authentic employee reviews will make it easy to attract top talent. Improved reputation as an employer will greatly reduce recruiting costs.

HR Director's Best Friend

With simple tools to send invites and integration with all major employer reputation sites, we give Human Resource departments the force multiplier they need to boost company reputation and acquire the best candidates for open positions. 

 Improving prestige will greatly reduce the cost of recruitment advertising and the effort it takes to attract talent.

Touch Points

Improve your employee reputation by integrating customized touch points to your HR marketing initiatives. Simple scan and click QR Codes, text links and invitations allow your employees to leave reviews and feedback in seconds. Passive marketing tools and point of sale touch points continue to deliver reviews with ongoing exposure.

Available Channel Integrations

Learn why every business needs an employee reputation strategy and a tool like Teams Up to help manage it.

Touch Points Matter!

Activate company touch points for immediate impact