Introducing Views Up Private Feedback Experience App

Views Up Private Feedback

Drive Immediate impact with deeper insight on customer sentiment.

Don’t Wait On Fate

While it’s true that public reviews are one of the most powerful and influential means for attracting new customers, it’s also true that nearly half of your customers are unwilling to leave a public review.  They may just be private people, unwilling to attach their identity to comments.  Regardless the reason, their feedback and input on all aspects of your business is just as important as those who leave public reviews!

Views Up is the newest platform from Things Up, and works in perfect harmony with our public review platform, Reviews Up!

Custom Groups and Categories

Set up custom feedback categories that pertain to your exact business or industry.  Request feedback in a variety of ways…emails, text message, or QR code.  There is no need for your guests to create an account…in fact they can even remain anonymous if they wish…but you’ll still know what they’re thinking and be able to react to all input.

Feedback can routed to specific employees and notifications can be sent out via email and even text messaging for immediate action by management.  

Wouldn’t you love to know if a VIP guest was unhappy with something DURING an event? Now you can!

    Touch Points

    Views Up private feedback also allows you to capture feedback directly on your website with a minimally intrusive widget or link.  Views Up is included with all Enterprise level plans and can be added to any existing Reviews Up plan at discount.  Stand alone plans are available for companies that are only interested in private feedback.

    Exceptional Results

    Now you can unlock even more critical input from your customers to keep them happy and attract more business.  Get a jump on your competitors by using powerful insight made possible by Views Up!

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